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‘first-year writing seminar’

What I’ve Been Up To

Mar. 3, 2019—Happy March Everyone! I’m home for spring break for the week, and it will be nice to relax, spend time with family/friends, and binge on the latest TV shows for a while. That said, I do still have to work on a research paper for my first year writing seminar; luckily, though, I’m writing about a...

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College Scholars Honors Seminars: The Microbiome to Italian Film

Oct. 26, 2015—Imagine my surprise when the counselor told me that instead of taking a FYWS (First-Year Writing Seminar), I could take an Honors Seminar instead, through the College Scholars Program! Oh, how I love the Cornelius Vanderbilt scholarship!

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The Write Way

Mar. 27, 2015—My personal experiences with college writing (and why you should go to the Writing Studio).

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A ‘First’ Class Semester

Nov. 26, 2014—As this semester draws to a close—and before the hurricane of finals week arrives—I thought it would be a good idea to tell y'all about my classes at Vanderbilt as well as the amazing professors I have had the pleasure of learning from.

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Guest Post: Paul’s Perspective

Apr. 24, 2013—As the school year wraps up, my first-year friend Paul reflects on why he chose Vanderbilt and what he loved most about his first-year experience.

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