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‘derby days’

The Write Stuff

Apr. 15, 2013—Before I admit that this super creative title was actually stolen from the company that made school supply packs for my elementary school, I have to apologize for not getting anything up here in a while. I’ve been SUPER busy with a whole bunch of things, including, but not limited to: doing my Econ homework,...

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Derby Days ’13

Mar. 31, 2013—It’s that time of year again…Derby Days!

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Weekend at Vandy

Apr. 2, 2012—Luckily, this past weekend was pretty much work-free and I got to enjoy hanging out with friends. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy, though, since I’m one of those weirdos who’s only happy when she’s busy.

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Derby Days

Mar. 29, 2012—It’s that time of year again…Derby Days! Every year, Sigma Chi holds a philanthropic competition between the sororities on campus, donating all the proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (so far the total is above $36,000!).

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4:30am Wake Up Calls, Chasing Boys, and Sisterly Bonding – It must be Derby Days!

Mar. 24, 2011—Every year on Vanderbilt’s campus there is a week where sleep becomes non-existent for sorority girls from the hours of 4:30am on, it is not unusual to see a girl pop out of a bush next to you when you are walking down Alumni Lawn to class, and all that loud music, yeah, it’s coming...

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