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‘date party’

Hello from the Other Side (of Recruitment)

Jan. 26, 2016—Look at me, making a relevant pop culture reference. And also telling you what it's like being in a sorority, one year in.

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How to Do Halloween in College

Nov. 3, 2015—No matter how you celebrate Halloween, do it up big. This is how I did Halloween at Vandy this year!

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The Last Last Bash

May. 9, 2014—This post is coming a bit late, but what else is new? It wouldn’t be blogging if I weren’t just a little bit behind. Every year, my sorority has its last date event the Thursday before the Rites of Spring music festival. Called Last Bash, it’s always a fun time hanging out with sisters, and...

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Kappa Kappa Weekend

Oct. 27, 2013—With 3 papers, a feature in the newspaper, a quiz, and a screenplay due, this week would’ve been busy on its own, but add Kappa Kappa Gala and Glow Kappa to it, and it was MAYHEM.

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I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

May. 27, 2013—This semester, I had the opportunity to attend my first-ever sorority date party with my dear pal, Lauren, a member of Alpha Chi Omega. What's all the hype with Greek date parties, you ask? Here's the two-cents you've been looking for, from a non-Greek, costume-loving, incoming junior.

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