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Vanderbilt Outdoors Club

Sep. 15, 2019—Vanderbilt has a unique club called Wilderness Skills (WilSkils), which offers student-led outdoors trips every weekend. I just got back today from a climbing trip in Jackson Falls, IL. This was my second WilSkils trip and both experiences have been great! The best part is that you do not have to sign up for the...

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After Midterms, A Relaxing Break

Oct. 19, 2014—Fall break couldn’t have come any sooner. After about ten days of study study test study cram test paper study test (a.k.a. midterm week), I packed a few clothes in a duffel and drove three hours east to Ocoee, TN with friends. We spent Wednesday night in a pastoral setting, and then found a camping...

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A Night in the Wild

Oct. 8, 2014—Over the weekend, I got together with 7 other guys and we went camping in Tennessee’s very own Percy Priest Lake. We knew we wanted to go camping. Then one of us mentioned a spot that he had gone once where there was both cliff jumping and canoeing involved. We were immediately sold. Fast forward...

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Messing with Nature

May. 8, 2014—A post-Finals celebration was in order this weekend, so my friends, Mad Crank and Money, and I road-tripped to Kentucky, where we encountered lots of trees and lots of rocks. It was awesome.

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Rock-Climbing with WilSkills

Feb. 23, 2014—My first two WilSkills trips (Backpacking III and IV) involved a 40-pound pack and lots of walking, but my third trip involved ropes and scaling rock faces! This past weekend, I joined the great WilSkills for an excursion to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. I had never climbed before, not even in an indoor gym,...

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A WilSkills-Wonderful Weekend

Feb. 10, 2014—This weekend, I had yet another WilSkills adventure. In a group of eleven, I backpacked the Spence-Russell Loop and part of the AT to Mollie's Field Shelter, a fifteen-mile round-trip. We hiked through rushing mountain streams, through frozen snow and through low clouds. We gave each other nicknames and threw snowballs.

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