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13 Things I’ve Learned from the First 18.75% of College

Mar. 7, 2016—I'm 18.75% done with college. EIGHTEEN POINT SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. Number one thing I've learned? Coffee is always necessary but only sometimes desirable.

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Retreat Weekend

Oct. 28, 2014—This past weekend I spent Friday evening through Sunday afternoon  as a staff member for the Nashville Awakening Retreat at Camp Marymount, a camp ground that’s just a quick drive headed south along West End. I have participated in this retreat every single semester since I went on it my first semester as a retreated and...

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Being Catholic on a Secular Campus

Oct. 31, 2013—A Catholic's insights into life at Vanderbilt

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I’m Wide Awake

Nov. 12, 2012—This past weekend, I took a vacation. After a hectic week in which I had three midterms and a nine minute speech all within the span of five days, I needed some time off to regain my sanity. Sure, I could have waited a week and relaxed over Thanksgiving Break. But, a better opportunity presented itself.

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