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13 Things I’ve Learned from the First 18.75% of College

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I’m 18.75% done with college. EIGHTEEN POINT SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT.

There’s 13 (sort of) things I’ve realized about college:

1)      Coffee is always necessary but only sometimes desirable.

1.5)   Sometimes, the Munchie Mart at Commons runs out of chai for the chai lattes and it’s very, very sad. Chai tea has to suffice and it’s just not the same, you know? But when you DO get a chai latte, get it with soy milk. It’s only the best thing ever.

2)      Everyone gets more involved in their friend group second semester. This can be a good and a not-as-good thing. For instance, if you didn’t make friends first semester, it’s a little harder second semester, unless you rush. And then, if you have a solid friend group, y’all just get closer! (And then start dating each other. And it gets a little awkward but not really. ;)).

2.5)  People seem more relaxed and just more comfortable second semester. The campus begins to seem like home, you only sometimes forget to eat during the right meal periods, and you start to know how not to get lost in Stevenson (remember: first number building number, second number floor number, third number room number). (Yeah. You got this). :)

3)      You can check out lockers in the Science and Engineering Library. This literally saves my back from the persistent ache that’s carrying both the GenChem book and my math book up and down from Commons to Stevenson to Blair to Stevenson… #mylife

4)      The group of friends you make first semester will grow and change second semester. A lot of this will be affected by rush. It’s okay though. Keep up with them, even if rush takes over their lives and they make thirty instant new friends. They still love you!

5)      Rush is crazy. If you don’t rush, you can still indirectly benefit from rush because of free food. So much free food. Cake and cookies and candy galore in the common room. Shout-out to the new sorority members of Stam5. Love y’all!!! (And y’all’s bigs. SO much cake)

6)      You will learn even more about your friends and love them even more

7)      Just when you thought you contracted and survived the plague during first semester, a new plague will strike second semester. And then, just as you’re getting over it, you’ll be hit by the stomach flu and may or may not take a nap in a practice room because of the pain. College is wonderful.

8)      Staffing Awakening (the most MOST relaxing and renewing retreat that anyone can go on) is even better than being a retreater. You don’t have to be Christian or anything, really. You just got to have a love for knowing yourself better and being open to the love that complete strangers have for you. Also random dance parties. Yes, it’s SO awesome.

9)      The time walking between classes is a very opportune time to study. Review notes all the time. ALL the time. And then go to all the office hours.

10)   All the office hours. All the time. Become friends with your professors—they’re amazing people!

11)   Organizing a Mayfield is complicated and stressful. But once you get it, you’ll be SO happy. And only slightly disappointed when your friends get singles in Kissam. But it’s okay. Because Highland Quad has opps for SWING DANCING. (Get ready for so many swing dancing posts next year)

12)   Everyone will apply for everything and only be a VUceptor/RA/Tour Guide/VSG 10% of the time. It’s okay. Be there for your friends when they don’t make things and be there for them when they do.

13)   Your life will come together, slowly but surely. You’ll start to think of yourself as an almost-sophomore. And it is SO exciting. (Doesn’t Sophie The Sophomore just sound the coolest?!)

So, the take away is that Vanderbilt is awesome. College is awesome. God is awesome. Shoutout to Him for giving me these opportunities… and hey, if you have any questions about anything I mentioned, I got you. Email me at and I’ll probably reply within two hours BECAUSE I LOVE EMAILS SO MUCH. So yeah. Shoot me an email about anything! I’d love to help you!!!

So much love!

Ever so sincerely,


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