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The Day It All Began!

Mar. 7, 2018—This is a MAJOR throwback! My Vanderbilt journey began on this day, four years ago, when I woke up early in the morning for a Chemistry final in high school. I checked my inbox and saw an unexpected email sitting there. Here it is: I was admitted to Vanderbilt as a Cornelius Vanderbilt scholar! Back...

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Opening My Vanderbilt Decision

Dec. 11, 2015—Ah, how I will never forget December 12th, 2014.

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So I Heard You Got Into Vandy – A Brief FAQ

Mar. 26, 2015—First off, CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you’re as excited about Vanderbilt as I was when I found out I was accepted, that fateful day just under a year ago. But that’s a story for another post… Whether you’re 100% sold on Vanderbilt, or still on the fence, I’m sure you have like a million questions about...

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The Post-Acceptance Itch

Dec. 17, 2014—You just got accepted! You are happy! You are excited! You are trembling in your winter boots!

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2014 – The Year I Got Into Vandy

Dec. 14, 2014—Time to bring the curtains down on 2014. The year of my life perhaps. The year I got into Vanderbilt.

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ED1 Anxiety Attacks

Dec. 4, 2013—I know you early decision-ers are freaking out, and I am here to tell you to stop it.

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