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2014 – The Year I Got Into Vandy

Posted by on Sunday, December 14, 2014 in College Life, Freshman Life, International Student, Year in Review.

Another year has flown by. It’s time to wave 2014 goodbye. (Not the worst poetic start I hope!)

2014 will remain THE year for me. The year I got into Vanderbilt. The year I found a much-coveted acceptance letter in my email inbox. That seems to be the primary highlight of this year for me. Nothing else seemed to have happened. Such was the magnitude of sheer delight and satisfaction that came along with getting to be a Commodore.

Still, a cursory glance on the days that mattered to me the most this year:

January 2: VU CoRPs (Vanderbilt University Commodore Recruitment Programs) Interview with Vanderbilt alumnus Melanie Tay. The first time I talked to a Commodore.

March 8: This is the day which changed my life. I think I should write a separate blog post dedicated to this day. In short for now, this is the day that a non-suspecting Saquib opened up his email inbox after dinner to find an email titled “Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship Notification.” I had not only been accepted into the College of Arts and Science at Vanderbilt but I had also been selected as a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar! The day for the release of Regular Decisions was March 29, so this came absolutely out of the blue for me. I think I had never been so much more ecstatic in my life ever. (As to how I celebrated, I leave that to your imagination. :P)

June 7: A really wonderful afternoon is what will make this day so memorable to me. A hangout with all my high school buddies at Pizza Hut which would eventually be deemed as my “Farewell Treat.”

Miss y'all, buddies! (Photo credit: Tarique Alam)

August 4: Off for the States for the first time in my life!

August 12: Moved into the very awesome Murray House. Met my roommate Hytham Al-hindi.

Moving in! :D

August 19: The Class of 2018 photo!

See if you can find me in the front row of the giant 2! I can't! :P (Photo credit: The Ingram Commons at Vanderbilt University Facebook page)

September 8: Another day to remember. Another email the cause of it all. Recruitment chair Heather Jackson confirms I’m into InsideDores!

September 21: My first post on InsideDores. My blogging debut.

November 27: My first Thanksgiving Dinner at the Murray House Faculty Apartment with the ever-so-welcoming Cones. (More on this soon…)

December 11: My last final exam, and with that the end of my first semester at Vanderbilt. Only seven more to go! Oh no!

Time to bring the curtains down on this blog post. And with that, the very wonderful year 2014. Happy holidays everyone!

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