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The Post-Acceptance Itch

Posted by on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in Admissions, Admissions Links, College Life, Early Decision, Freshman Life, Housing, Student Life.

Probably my favorite part about applying ED1 to Vanderbilt was being able to tell all my relatives at our Christmas dinner that I would be attending Vanderbilt.

Perhaps even better than that moment was receiving a multitude of Vanderbilt “swag” that very same Christmas because everyone already knew where I was going.

It was such a relief to not be stressing about the unknowing involved with college applications. I felt so incredibly fortunate to have my heart set on Vanderbilt. However, as an overly anxious person who loves planning (seriously, I have 3 planners), that left me with plenty more to worry about. I call this worry the Post-Acceptance Itch.

Now before I start rambling about all of the things I worried about, I want all you EDers out there to know that you shouldn’t be worrying about anything. You were just accepted to your first choice college, the holidays are among us, and you’re entering the last semester of your senior year! So, if you have no worries at this time, great! You shouldn’t! Carry on! Read with whimsy!

However, if you’re anything like me as a high school senior, you might already be making lists of questions you need answered. Never fear. I’ve been there. From dorm rooms to class schedules, I’ve got your back.

The fancy new Class of 2019 Facebook page is the perfect venue for any and all admitted members to this spectacular class to air their concerns. There are a whole slew of current Vanderbilt students (and fabulous Vanderbilt staff members) just lurking on the Facebook page waiting and willing to answer even your silliest questions (What kind of toilet paper does Vanderbilt stock? What is a class like? Where can I buy printer paper? Wait, do I need to buy printer paper?!).

When my mom showed up to my school with balloons and a giant Vanderbilt envelope, I was overcome with joy, but I knew college would be a totally new and foreign experience for me. I wanted every last detail planned out, and while I know that’s never an option, it eased my mind immensely to have my endless questions answered by students and faculty members. I know it’s early, and I really hope there’s no anxiety involved yet–only excitement!

But if you feel yourself starting to get the Post-Acceptance Itch and wanting to start planning or asking questions now, feel free to reach out to me, any blogger, or anyone else involved in the Class of 2019 Facebook page. We are here for you. We went through the emotions you’re going through. We feel the vibes!

Enjoy your holidays and your final semester!

And, as always, feel free to email me (

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