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Thanksgiving in Dixie

Dec. 7, 2015—One of my favorite things about Vanderbilt (other than, like, eight million other things—including, but not limited to, Grins Nutella paninis, really fat squirrels, and the fact that I’m currently wearing Nike shorts in December) is that we get a full week off for Thanksgiving break. This break comes just about two weeks before finals,...

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Dec. 17, 2014—Oh. My. Gosh. Was that a wild ride or what? The Vanderbilt Melodores just won the Sing-Off!

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Can you play music without majoring in music?

Nov. 18, 2014—Whether you are a violinist, clarinetist, or tenor who loves Vanderbilt but would like to pursue engineering, psychology, or economics as a career, it is possible for you to be a part of the music program on campus without becoming a performance major at the Blair School of Music, even when you are accepted to a different school!

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Dodecs Chillin.

Dec. 13, 2012—As this semester comes to an end, so has my time (until next August of course) with my awesome all-male a capella group, the Vanderbilt Dodecaphonics. I joined the “Dodecs” last fall as a sophomore, and since then it has been a really important [and fun] part of my Vanderbilt experience. This semester I was...

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Introducing Me!

Sep. 2, 2012—This is my first official blog post as an Inside ‘Dore and I couldn’t be more excited! Before I start posting about my day-to-day experiences here at Vanderbilt, I figured that I should give you a little bit of information about who I am, what I like to do, etc. so that you can know whether you find what I like remotely interesting or not.

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I Might As Well Be Living in The Sound of Music

Apr. 24, 2012—It's concert and performance season, and I'm not missing any opportunities to cheer on my friends in their musical endeavors. Perhaps one day their talents will rub off on me. Fingers crossed!

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