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Posted by on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in General Information.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Was that a wild ride or what?  The Vanderbilt Melodores just won the Sing-Off!

We, as in the ever-infatuated fans, have been waiting to watch this holiday special forever.  Since November, we’ve been teased with pictures and announcements.  “Tune in to NBC on NBC at 9/8 Central for the one episode, two-hour special!”  The Vanderbilt News gave them a feature and our Dean of Students even shot us an email telling us to go and turn on our tellies.  And today was the day.

It has to be official because it came from the Dean, right?

Competing against five other talented groups – though one reigned above the others – for the title of “Sing-Off Champions” and a $50,000 grand prize, our dear Melodores ventured to Los Angeles, donned some fancy holiday suits and brought their angelic voices to The Sing-Off.

Their performances were electrifying.  First of all, their voices were amazing and their blend and harmonization were super on point.  Then, their dance numbers were freaking awesome.  How you get twelve guys to synchronize high kicks, I don’t understand.  Their brotherhood and camaraderie were compelling and boy, did they crush it.  When they did that uncomfortably long anticipatory wait before they announced the grand prize winners, I was literally rocking back and forth.

Featuring dance numbers, lovely noise, and fabulous attire.


The final three groups. I had faith in you. #iloVU

Social media is exploding.  Can we hear it for some #melolove?  The Twittersphere and Facebook world are all about the caps lock and hold-down-the-letters-because-we’re-excited like “YAAASSSSS” and “AAHHHHH” and “CHAMPS CHAMPS CHAMPS.”


The Melodores are the first ever collegiate a capella group to have won the Sing-Off!  Also, two national championships in one year?  Proud to be a ‘Dore.  #anchordown

You took everybody to church tonight.

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