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Four Hidden Study Spots on Campus

Mar. 9, 2019—If you’re like me, it can get boring and tedious to study in the same location all the time. While I love a good Central Library Visit, sometimes, I just need a new spot that’s off the beaten path. These are some of my favorites: The lobby of Buttrick Hall. When you walk into Buttrick...

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Why I Like Branscomb, And You Could Too!

Mar. 9, 2019—Talking to current first-years, I’ve heard mixed opinions about their potential move into Branscomb for sophomore year. Off the bat, I would encourage freshman to consider spending their second year in Branscomb Quad. Branscomb can be a bit confusing, so for those of you who may not be familiar, Branscomb Quadrangle is actually four buildings!...

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Tips to Make the Most Out of Break

Mar. 9, 2019—Spring Break comes at the perfect time in the semester. Right at the end of midterm season, it is a much needed break in the fast-pace of academic life and a great time to reflect on the first half of the semester and plan for the latter half. Every person does different things over breaks,...

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How To Reflect On Our Time at Vanderbilt Over Break

Dec. 19, 2018—Winter break in college is one of the best things. Ever. It is one of the few times of year that without homework, club responsibilities, or social obligations, we can take a step back from our time at Vanderbilt to reflect on what we really liked about our semesters, and what we hope to change...

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