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How To Reflect On Our Time at Vanderbilt Over Break

Posted by on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in College Life, Commons, Extracurriculars, General Information, Student Organizations, Winter Break.

Winter break in college is one of the best things. Ever. It is one of the few times of year that without homework, club responsibilities, or social obligations, we can take a step back from our time at Vanderbilt to reflect on what we really liked about our semesters, and what we hope to change moving forward. Here are three things I like to ask myself each semester break:

  1. Did I find the right balance between school work, extra-curriculars, and friends?

To be totally honest, the answer is usually “no.” To find this perfect balance is one of the most challenging things about being at Vanderbilt, because classes are engaging and time-consuming, clubs are where my passions lie, and I have the most fun with my friends. Learning to find the right amount of time for each of these things can be tough, but I find that each semester, I’ve come closer and closer to striking the ideal balance. This is definitely something where the saying “practice makes perfect” applies.

Courtesy of Vanderbilt University
  1. Did I enjoy my classes this semester?

At Vanderbilt, there are so many different classes that we can take. Taking a variety of these classes has really helped me decide what I’m interested in, not only in the academic sense, but in my career ideas and more general passions. Reflecting back on what I liked about my classes and what I didn’t is an important part of this process of learning about myself and deciding which paths I want to continue down.


  1. Did I meet new people?

I’m lucky that I found some of my best friends on my floor in my freshman year dorm (Go Stambaugh!). In fact, I live with three of these girls to this day! However, as a result, I have had to be a bit more intentional about branching out and meeting new, interesting people that are beyond my typical social circles. This is a challenge that is so awesome to pursue in the Vanderbilt community, because whenever I put my mind to it, I end up meeting some really great people

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