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Tips to Make the Most Out of Break

Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in College Life, Spring Break, Travel.

Spring Break comes at the perfect time in the semester. Right at the end of midterm season, it is a much needed break in the fast-pace of academic life and a great time to reflect on the first half of the semester and plan for the latter half.

Every person does different things over breaks, from Alternative Spring Break trips to trips with friends to going home. If you’re like me, then the perfect break is relaxing with my family and catching up on sleep! I’ve learned there are a few things to maximize my relaxation time and best prepare myself for returning to campus.

  1. Prioritize sleep! It can be tempting to try to jam in activities and plans with friends you haven’t seen in a while. But,  college life can be pretty tiring, and taking the week to recover physically, and mentally, from the fast-paced life at school is rejuvenating and important!
  2. Do a little bit of work each day, instead of leaving it all until the end. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves with a fair amount of work over the break. The good news is that a week break allows us a ton of time to do it all! If we use the downtime during the day between plans or an hour here and there to do a bit of work, it can make the Sunday before coming back to campus a little bit less overwhelming.
  3. Do what is best for you when making plans! While other people are planning visits to fun cities or road trips, think about what will make you the happiest and most comfortable over break. Even though my friends planned some super fun trips, I’m glad I listened to my gut and headed home for the weekend.
I relaxed with my dog, Harold, for a good amount of my spring break at my home in Bethesda, MD.