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A Day in the Life of a Sophomore at Vanderbilt

Mar. 14, 2019—I’m sure if you are in your college search and application process, you have read many “day in the life” articles by now. However, one of the great things about Vanderbilt is that every student really does have a very different average day. I have yet to meet a student who is not involved in...

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The Best On-Campus Vanderbilt Meals

Feb. 10, 2019—At Vanderbilt, you get 3 meals/day your first year and then it decreases to 2 meals/day as the default meal plan for your second year with the option to modify it to your liking. If you only have 2 meals/day like me, it’s important to use your meals wisely. Here are my breakfast, lunch, and, dinner...

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Vanderbilt’s Professional Business Fraternities

Jan. 12, 2019—Vanderbilt is home to many dedicated students with an interest in business but we do not have a business school. I am interested in pursuing a career in the health business industry but I have found that not having a business school is actually an advantage because it has given me the opportunity to explore...

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Free Time (& Loneliness) in College

Jan. 10, 2019—Surprisingly, one of the hardest adjustments for me when I came to Vanderbilt was the large amount of free time you have in college. Of course, Vanderbilt is a tough school but that does not mean that I do work all day every day. Especially freshman year, many of my friends and I had tough...

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