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Vanderbilt Parents’ Weekend

Posted by on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 in College Life, Culture, Family, Nashville, Nature.

The words “parent” and “college student” do not seem to have anything in common. One is responsible and one is broke. One gets sleep and one gets none. One vacuums and one rarely even makes the bed. However, Vanderbilt Parents’ Weekend is one of the most fun weekends of the year. It turns out, parents and college students make an unbeatable combination.

Vandy Parents’ Weekend usually takes place in mid-September and falls on a weekend with a home football game. Many students choose to bring their parents or other family members to student org sponsored tailgates and enjoy introducing them to their friends and friends’ families. There is also a parents’ tailgate under the iconic white tents that indicate a fun, Vanderbilt-sponsored event.

Restaurants are packed for parents’ weekend so don’t forget to make reservations far in advance! This parents’ weekend, my family and I chose to go out of the box and rent a boat on Percy Priest Lake with one of my friends and her family. This was a great way to see the natural, less urban part of Nashville and hang out with my family and my friend’s family.

You can’t go wrong with parents’ weekend in Nashville! Even if your parents can’t come, you can be sure to be “adopted” by your friends’ parents for the weekend and tag along while they explore the city.

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