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My Junior Year Living Experience

Posted by on Monday, September 23, 2019 in College Life, Culture, General Information, Health Care, Traditions.

“I have 9 roommates, 5 of which are guys.”

Most students at other campuses are very surprised to hear the statement above but at Vanderbilt, this is a unique living option for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I live in a Mayfield, which is a small lodge with 2 floors, 1 kitchen, and a common space.

The living room in our Mayfield. We had the freedom to decorate it as we pleased.

Living in a Mayfield is not all fun and games; it is a beneficial learning experience. Each of the 20 lodges is required to complete a yearlong project of your choice. Ours is focused on bridging the gap between campus and health professions.

This has been a great opportunity so far to live in a homey situation (contrasting from the dorms I live in the past two years), meet new people, and work on a fulfilling project.

Another great perk is that each of us has our own room. Furniture is provided but I opted for a bigger bed through BlackStar.

My room is on the top floor of the Mayfield.

Living in the Mayfield has thus far been a rewarding and fun experience. Check it out if you want to live somewhere different than the traditional dorm or off-campus apartment. It is awesome that Vanderbilt offers this unique living experience, and I would recommend it to all!

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