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Why Vanderbilt: Transfer Students (Part II)

Posted by on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in Academics, Admissions, Campus resources, College Life, Dining, Diversity, environment, Extracurriculars, International Student, Student Life, Student Organizations, Studying, sustainability.

Happy Chinese New Year! Two more transfer students took their precious time to share their “Why Vanderbilt” answers with us. They discuss academics and campus atmosphere. One touches upon sustainability efforts this academic year. Enjoy!

I. A Junior’s Response

  • Majors:Child Studies and Psychology
  • Hometown: Shanghai, China
  • Intended Career: Bilingual teacher
“I transferred to Vandy when I was a sophomore, and I felt beyond grateful to embrace a place that I can finally call “home” on a foreign land. Growing up in a fast-paced metropolis, I find a rare sense of inner peace and serenity in Vanderbilt. I immerse myself not only in the beautiful campus environment but also among people who never cease to inspire me every day with their kind hearts and open minds. At Vandy, people care—we care about what is happening outside the classroom and how we can help improve the situation. Such ideology is deeply woven in our classes, campus organizations, and even daily conversations among students. Mental growth takes place at every moment, and as a self-identified learner and listener, I deeply appreciate that.
E. Bronson Ingram College

I also love how Vanderbilt unites students, faculty, and staff as a community; together, we strive for the greater good. In Fall 2019, we proudly announced the elimination of plastic bottles from campus dining and we continue to making progress in sustainability. As a part of such a meaningful initiative, one of the many that take place on campus, I feel a deep sense of achievement in calling myself a Vandy student. So, if you have a great passion for learning and wish to spend your college years in an inspiring environment, you should definitely choose Vanderbilt. Anchor Down and Go Dores!”

II. The Answer of A Senior

  • Majors: Philosophy and Asian Studies
  • Hometown: Beijing, China

“I chose Vanderbilt because I wanted an academically challenging environment. As a school known for its academic rigor, Vanderbilt attracted me a lot. Also, Vanderbilt gives students a lot of opportunities to be involved on campus. I felt that it is a place where students can not only have good academic lives but also great social lives. That is why I came to Vanderbilt as a transfer student.”

In the Why Vanderbilt series, I view myself as a bridge between my interviewees and readers. To present my interviewees’ ideas in an unobtrusive way, I choose to not specifically comment on their responses. Meanwhile, I appreciate that my peers have different experiences at Vanderbilt and unique interpretations of Vandy life. Happy thinking, happy answering, and happy reading!

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