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‘rand cookie’

Vanderbilt Jargons Part I

Jan. 29, 2020—As promised in my first blog of Fall 2019, I have compiled Vanderbilt jargons. They are in different forms: acronyms, names, new words, and so on. They refer to a variety of things at Vanderbilt: places, food, student organizations, and so on. To kick off the jargon-focused blog series, let’s go over three jargons relevant...

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10 Things I Learned Freshman Year

May. 31, 2019—Now that I’m home and all my belongings have been unpacked (I know, you’re probably thinking ‘what took you so long to unpack?’ – let me tell you, unpacking is my biggest enemy), I can officially say that my first year of college is complete. Done. Finished. OVER.   That’s quite a scary thought to...

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