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Vanderbilt Jargons Part I

Jan. 29, 2020—As promised in my first blog of Fall 2019, I have compiled Vanderbilt jargons. They are in different forms: acronyms, names, new words, and so on. They refer to a variety of things at Vanderbilt: places, food, student organizations, and so on. To kick off the jargon-focused blog series, let’s go over three jargons relevant...

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Wonderful Moments in March

Mar. 31, 2019—After the rejuvenating spring break, school days in March have been fruitful. I talked with friends and shared fun stories about the break. With respect to academics, I finished several exams and designed a bilingual doll for a toy project. At the end of March, I hope to recap some lovely moments of the month....

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Little Donuts & The Art of Crawling

Nov. 3, 2013—I love donuts. I love art. And I just found a way to combine them.

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