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All the Science: The SyBBURE Research Program (Apply! :))

Mar. 7, 2016— In SyBBURE, you find the middle-school geek grown up who still loves chemistry. You find the triple major in math, engineering, and computer science who has awesomely dyed hair. You find the people who dedicate hours of their week to science in their labs and then combine their knowledge with others in subgroup. Deep in Stevenson, amidst the people who give their lives to science and math, surrounded by posters covered with long and intimidating words, you find the opportunity for innovation and discovery: SyBBURE.

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My (Real) Vanderbilt Experience: It’s a Success (Sort of)

Mar. 7, 2016—It’s 2:00 AM and I’m at Stevenson Library. On my right are five research papers, newly printed and stapled. On my left is my planner, covered in writing. My head’s buzzing with all the stuff I have to do and I’m trying to keep everything under control. And one thought above all: College is so much harder than I thought it was.

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13 Things I’ve Learned from the First 18.75% of College

Mar. 7, 2016—I'm 18.75% done with college. EIGHTEEN POINT SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. Number one thing I've learned? Coffee is always necessary but only sometimes desirable.

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The Final Final: Finals Week at Vandy!!!

Dec. 22, 2015—During a stay at Washington University at St. Louis for Multicultural Celebration Weekend, I stayed with six sophomores. As I walked around the dorm, one of them told me that her room reflected the state of her mind. During Finals week, she told me, she couldn’t even see her bed under all the clothes, papers, and books. Horrified, I swore that this would never be me.

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Undergraduate Research… Where at?

Oct. 31, 2015—I do research for academic credit and work about 15 hours a week. If you are interested in undergraduate research (what undergraduates do in labs, how to find research, etc.), read this post and shoot me an email if you have a question!

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This Little Bike of Mine

Jan. 29, 2013—I remember one of the decisions I had to make freshman year was whether or not I wanted a bike. At home I have a fairly nice bike, but my parents didn't want me to bring it to college in case it got stolen. To be honest, the desire to get a bike came mostly out of necessity.

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