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‘mayfield lodges’

13 Things I’ve Learned from the First 18.75% of College

Mar. 7, 2016—I'm 18.75% done with college. EIGHTEEN POINT SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. Number one thing I've learned? Coffee is always necessary but only sometimes desirable.

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To be a BEAN: Bettering Environmental Awareness and Nutrition

Jan. 25, 2015—This school year, a group of ten students is completing a Mayfield project on campus to learn how to produce and consume food in an environmentally-friendly manner. The VanderBEANS first examined their own eating habits, and then educated themselves by watching and discussing several documentaries such as Food, Inc. and King Corn. In October they spent...

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Mayfield Lodges

Mar. 24, 2011—Even though we still have a little over a month left, I’m getting excited for next year! I already met with my advisor about classes and have a pretty good schedule mapped out. What I really can’t wait for, though, is living in a Mayfield!

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