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‘Work Hard Play Hard’

A Musical Weekend

Apr. 15, 2019—Over the weekend I had the chance to attend many musical events including the Nashville Orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony, Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra’s Spring Concert, and the Rites of Spring concert. I did have some work but most of the intense studying will start later this week as we prepare for finals. Coming to...

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Of Procrastination and Homecoming

Nov. 2, 2015—It’s a cliché, but it’s true: College is definitely not all fun and games. I mean there is a lot of fun and there was definitely a game, specifically, the Homecoming game, but more on that later. The thing about college so far is that it hasn’t necessarily been impossibly difficult content-wise. The real issue is...

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The Last One Begins…

Jan. 15, 2014—I am now more than a full week into my last semester at Vanderbilt. That sentence is much easier to write than to really accept. So much still to do, so little time!

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