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The Last One Begins…

Posted by on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in Academics, Alumni, Art, Athletics, Blair School of Music, College Life, Football, Grad School, Jobs, Nashville, Student Life, Student Organizations.

I am now more than a full week into my last semester at Vanderbilt.  That sentence is much easier to write than to really accept.  I got my class ring as a Christmas present and my family is starting to make plans to come down for the Graduation ceremony in May, so I guess it really is true that I’m a second semester Senior.  (Check out my ring below)

College students everywhere joke about having no idea what they’re going to do after they graduate, but as a Senior it starts to become real.  Your friends start to get job offers, people start getting into grad schools, and the world after college begins to look like a real place.  I myself applied for law schools in the fall and have been accepted to one so far.  (Hopefully a sign of good things to come!)

So what do you make of this last semester?  Some say forget about school and enjoy the partying and student events while you still can.  Some say take advantage of your last opportunity to raise your GPA before you graduate.  I would say that most Vanderbilt students strive very hard to find a balance between these two things; the “work hard, play hard” attitude always prevails.  And since I don’t know if I’m going to be in Nashville next year (although I am still waiting to hear back from Vandy Law) I think I need to make sure to make the most of this semester in every way I can think of.


And so I come to my challenge to myself:

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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