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‘women’s center’

I went to PREVAIL!

Sep. 21, 2019—You’re probably wondering what PREVAIL is. PREVAIL is a leadership conference for Vanderbilt students who identify as women. It was an amazing opportunity that came at the right time for me. We’ve gotten to that point in the semester where everyone has so much work to do and we all needed a reminder that, “We...

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Speaking to My Soul

Apr. 18, 2014—Just a sampling of some of the incredible speakers I have had the opportunity to see here at Vanderbilt this semester. Highlighted here are Gen. Colin Powell, Courtney Martin, and Josh Radnor.

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Ain’t I a Woman?

Oct. 17, 2013—'Orange is the New Black' star's Journey into Womanhood

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Brown Bag Lecture Series

Feb. 1, 2012—The Women’s and Gender Studies Department hosts a lecture series called the Brown Bag Lecture Series that features talks from representatives of multiple organizations around campus. The one that I attended featured T.J. Jourian, the Program Coordinator of the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Life at Vanderbilt University. I always enjoy these...

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What’s Your Green Dot?

Sep. 15, 2010—This past Monday, I went to a talk by Dr. Dorothy Edwards concerning the start of the Green Dots Campaign at Vanderbilt. From Vanderbilt’s Women’s Center’s Website: “The Green Dot primary prevention initiative is a new way of thinking about and doing prevention. Green Dot is about culture change – harnessing the power of individual...

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