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‘Vandy Van’

Free Food and Finals

Dec. 17, 2017—To be completely honest, no one likes taking finals. However, Vanderbilt truly spoils us with an abundance of opportunities for students to get free food during finals week. Here are just a few of numerous free food events that I attended even though there were many, many more! Thursday, Dec. 7– All students who were...

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Feeling Safe

Dec. 2, 2015—In light of the recent attacks in Paris, many people worry about the safety of students studying abroad. Here are my thoughts on safety abroad and at Vanderbilt.

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The Case for Living Off-Campus

Dec. 10, 2013—*A guest blog by the extraordinary Maralei Bunn, who is basically WRVU (Vandy Radio) royalty! The following are the things you should consider when deciding whether or not to live off campus at Vanderbilt!

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The 5 Reasons You Don’t Really Need a Car at Vandy

Aug. 26, 2013—The fall semester of 2013 means lots of "firsts" for me: my first job on campus, my first time living in a 4-person suite, and my first time bringing the good ol' Orland mini-van to campus. While having access to non-bus and non-cab transportation has been a luxury, having a car at Vandy is definitely something I could comfortably live without. The "swagger wagon", if you will, is a nice-to-have, but not a must-have.

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