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‘the commons’

Moving on from The Commons

Sep. 29, 2015—But really, do I have to leave Commons? Can't I just stay a freshman forever, please?

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Man-I’ve-Been-Bad-at-Pacing-These-This-Semester Monday, Part 1

Dec. 9, 2013—Sorry for the sudden overload of my sunshine-y voice on the blog, but I just want to get a few more in before the semester ends! Here are some of my thoughts on why Vanderbilt’s first-year Commons experience is so significant and wonderful.

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Tips for First-Years

Jul. 9, 2013—After my own first year at Vanderbilt, I kind of forgot about the anxiety and anticipation that leads up to move-in. But, this year, with my sister preparing for her first year at Vanderbilt, and all of her friends leaving to schools around the country, my house is full of the same stress and nerves that I brought home three years ago. I remember wishing that I knew older Vanderbilt students, who could give me advice, or even just calm me down. Here are a few things that all first years should remember.

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Vegetarian @ Vanderbilt

Dec. 3, 2012—By chance it happened to be a vegetarian/vegan special dinner at Rand. Red pepper hummus, pita bread, some vegetable thing, some mushroom rice, african spiced carrots, tofu parm, squash soup.

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