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Tips for First-Years

Posted by on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Student Life.

After my own first year at Vanderbilt, I kind of forgot about the anxiety and anticipation that leads up to move-in. But, this year, with my sister preparing for her first year at Vanderbilt, and all of her friends leaving to schools around the country, my house is full of the same stress and nerves that I brought home three years ago. I remember wishing that I knew older Vanderbilt students, who could give me advice, or even just calm me down. Here are a few things that all first years should remember.

Don’t stress about registration. I am a rising senior and my schedule for the fall is not even set yet. You will definitely move up the wait-list and if you really NEED a class (which you probably don’t in your first semester) you can email the professor and explain your situation. More often than not, they will be willing to help you.

Pack light. Ok, not really. But, if you are flying to Nashville like I did my first year, space is definitely limited. Overweight bags are expensive and hard to transport. You can ship bulky things, like bedding and printers, directly to school and it will be waiting on the Commons lawn for you on move-in morning. You can also buy all of your toiletries and storage supplies in Nashville, once you figure out exactly what you will need.

High school friendships may be paused. This sounds weird, but if you are from a state, like Florida, where most of the kids go to state schools and start in the summer, you probably understand what I mean. The summer before I left to school, all of my friends were already there. We had trouble keeping in touch and I thought that they were over me. I later realized that they were simply trying to immerse themselves in their new surroundings and find their niches at school. I recommend that all of you do the same. Make sure that when you get to Vanderbilt that you are all in.

Get excited. Vanderbilt is the most amazing school in the country. If you are like me, you may have doubts about the school, but rest assured, the second you pull up on Saturday morning, you will know that you are home. I will be there bright and early in my move crew shirt. Everything has fallen into place for me in my three years at Vanderbilt and I am confident that you will all experience the same.

Move crew

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