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Vegetarian @ Vanderbilt

Posted by on Monday, December 3, 2012 in Dining, Food, General Information, Health.

Hello everyone! So I know I probably talk about this way to much but I am a proud vegetarian. When I came to Vanderbilt I was really nervous that there was not going to be good vegetarian food for me to eat. But boy was I was wrong! All of the on campus dining locations have such a wide variety of food for everyone (meat eaters and non), making it so there is always something you will want to eat. So moral of this blog, if you are a vegetarian, have no fear! Vanderbilt is a great place to be one. So ladies and gentlemen, I now would like to provide you with pictures of all of my meals from last week. Food porn anyone? Enjoy!
Monday Lunch: Thai peanut tofu, asparagus, yams. Chef James.
Monday Dinner: Cheese quesadilla and side salad. The Pub.
Tuesday Lunch: Grilled cheese with avocado, vegetable egg roll, vegetable pot stickers. Chef James.
Tuesday Dinner: Vegan Salad (soy cheese yo), vegetable egg roll, vegetable pot stickers. Chef James.
Wednesday Lunch: Eggplant sandwich with mozzarella cheese and avocado mayo, spaghetti squash, vegan side salad. Chef James.
Wednesday Dinner: It just happened to be a vegetarian/vegan night at rand. (From the white lump clockwise): Rice and mushrooms, ginger squash soup, african spiced carrots, tofu parm, red pepper hummus, pita, and some vegetable lumpy thing. Rand.
Thursday Lunch: “The cheeseburger” (vegan veggie burger, tofu crumble, soy cheese, lettuce, onion, vegan mayo, other good stuff) and szechuan noodles. Grins (the vegetarian cafe).
Thursday Dinner: Mixed leafs, marinated tofu, mandarin oranges, avocado, cilantro, carrots, sesame dressing. Leaf.
Friday Lunch: Vegetarian Sushi, sweet potato fries, peach ice cream with fruit (yes a random meal). The Commons.
Friday Dinner: So this past friday I was in Lexington, KY with my acapella group (more on this to come soon!). So this isn't from Vanderbilt, but this is great vegetarian pasta.
Friday 4th Meal: Okay I cheated twice. This pizza is not from Vanderbilt either. But it was some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life. The one in the back is cranberries, sun-dried tomatos, and mozzarella cheese. The one in the front is tomato and spinach. Boom.

By chance it happened to be a vegetarian/vegan special dinner at Rand. Red pepper hummus, pita bread, some vegetable thing, some mushroom rice, african spiced carrots, tofu parm, squash soup.

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