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The Five Stages of Finals

Dec. 10, 2014—You may have heard about the different stages of grief. Here are my stages for Finals week.

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Editor’s Note:

Mar. 17, 2014—Where I attempt to fill you in on the following: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/endless extracurricular involvement. Plus, some big Inside 'Dores news!

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FALLing in love with Vanderbilt

Oct. 28, 2013—Sorry for the tacky title, but it gets my point across: I LOVE fall in Nashville. Here are a few reasons, complete with pumpkin carving, Halloween and the weather.

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My Craziest Week Yet

Oct. 6, 2013—Last week was possibly the craziest of my time at Vanderbilt. After months of preparing for the LSAT appendicitis tried to get in my way of taking the test, but there was no way I was letting an organ the size of a finger stop me!

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Midterm Madness

Feb. 25, 2013—Midterms are upon us! In the coming week, I’m sure you’ll hear a great (and valid) amount about the trials and tribulations of midterm examinations, pontifications and dissertations on Westernization, and other such things. I’m beating the rest of Inside ‘Dores to the punch, however – my midterm week came early, and it was a...

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