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‘Student Org Fair’

Fairs at Vanderbilt

Sep. 22, 2019—In the Japanese history course I am taking this semester, we went over carnivals at Edo—ancient Tokyo—which featured numerous shows (misemono). The discussion of carnivals reminded me to take a look at fairs closer to me with respect to time and space. Vanderbilt has a vibrant culture of fairs which inform and entertain. Here is...

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Seasons May Change

Dec. 8, 2015—At Vanderbilt, every season is the best season.

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So you think you can blog?!

Aug. 24, 2014—Inside 'Dores is accepting applications, and we want YOU!

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My PreVU Story

May. 19, 2014—The college search process is not an easy one. Trust me, I know. A few years ago, I was in the same place that many readers may find themselves in now—approaching the end of junior year in high school, with a vague idea of where to apply, but no official campus tours to speak of....

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Getting Started

Aug. 20, 2012—Move-in day has come and gone, and the first years are beginning to settle into their new rooms on the Commons. The weather is mild, the meal plan has started (to prevent starvation by hungry upperclassmen), and the first day of classes starts in about 36 hours. Apart from the annual advent of academics, this...

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