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Becoming a parent…

Apr. 11, 2019—of a Pea Plant! As part of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR), I’ve been raising a pea plant from seed to sprout for a few weeks in preparation to plant it in our community garden on campus. Check out my plant’s progress so far!     Nature! Wow! Growth! Follow the community garden...

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Monday Monday so Good to Me

Dec. 19, 2014—Mondays: you either hate them or you really hate them. Just like gender and sexuality, I don’t believe in such a polarizing angsty Monday-themed binary. For me and “The Mamas and the Papas”, Monday is “so good to me” and “all I hoped it would be”. To redeem Monday’s status, let’s go on a journey chronicling a (Mon)day in the life of one Jose Palmer.

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Go Outside

Nov. 16, 2014—In an effort to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season, I’ve been on three separate service trips over the past few weekends. The first was through the Outdoor Rec Center, and the second was with the environmental student org, SPEAR. Trail Maintenance & Rock-Climbing This was a half-day of trail-maintenance followed by...

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Rites of Spring + SPEAR

Apr. 14, 2014—I’d like to extol a particular student organization active on Vanderbilt’s campus, Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility––SPEAR for short. Since last semester, I have been one of those flighty, practically invisible club members who signs up for the listserv, attends two meetings total, and then goes to various and sundry events as she pleases,...

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Making Campus Greener

Dec. 10, 2012—Getting involved in environmental groups on campus has opened the doors for me to really make a difference in making Vanderbilt a greener school.

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Clean Air in Nashville

Dec. 4, 2012—This Sunday one of my favorite student organizations that I am a part of on campus, Students Promoting Environmental Awareness & Responsibility (or SPEAR), hosted a Clean Air Summit on Wyatt Lawn.  This gathering was in honor of the Nashville MetroCouncil officially declaring Nashville a “Clean Air City.”  Nashville joins 38 other cities, but is...

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