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The Ultimate List of Move-In Life Hacks for Future First-Years

Aug. 13, 2019—Only a couple more days ’til First Year Move-In!!! I hope all of you are as excited as I am :) As I’m starting to gather all of my stuff in preparation for my own move-in, the stress and pressure that I felt in the week leading up to that first day as a Commons...

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How I Met My Friends Freshman Year (and how you can meet yours, too!)

Jul. 27, 2019—Before arriving at Vanderbilt, I remember being super stressed about how I’d find ‘my people.’ I already had a roommate lined up, but would we be best friends? What if she was my only friend? Would I even be able to fit in with the stereotypical Vandy student?! Of course, all those concerns flew out...

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Advice for Move-In 2018

Aug. 12, 2018—Hello everyone! I hope that summer has treated you well and that you are gearing up for the school year ahead. As I prepare to move in to Vanderbilt for the third year in a row, I thought I would share some advice for those of you joining us in the Class of 2022 this...

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What my Freshman Year Roommate Taught Me

May. 18, 2017—Honestly, I was extremely anxious about my first roommate, especially since I met her through Facebook. We only messaged each other a few times over the summer to coordinate things for the room. I wondered if she would like me or if we would get along. But after my freshman year, I could not have...

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First-Month Adventures in Vandyland: Music, Ice Cream, and Trees

Oct. 10, 2015—A list of 5 things I would never have expected to have done by the first month of freshman year

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