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An ExTAYLORdinary Night

Sep. 24, 2013—Get it? Extraordinary+Taylor? I’m not very creative. But it’s ok. Anyways, last week I talked about how I WON tickets through the Vanderbilt ResEd’s Commodore Cruise program. Well, despite an Anatomy Exam the next morning, I went to Taylor Swift and had an extraordinary experience. Although the average age of everyone at the concert was...

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Coincidence… or Fate?

Sep. 12, 2013—Something wonderful has happened. Something... magical.

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Giving Blood

Feb. 10, 2012—Howdy, Internet! After my streak of critically acclaimed, New York Times bestseller blogs, I found myself devoid of the creativity, the drive, the spark that usually inspires me to such heights of blogging genius. At the beginning of this year, as described in a previous article about cows, I accidentally joined Vandy Red Cross, a...

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What To Do When the Cows Get Out

Dec. 5, 2011—Today, though, I had an even cooler opportunity through VRC - Disaster Relief Training! The three-hour preliminary course introduced the basic concepts of disaster relief and the other more advanced training you can receive to volunteer in different capacities.

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