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Giving Blood

Posted by on Friday, February 10, 2012 in College Life, Extracurriculars, General Information, Service, Student Life.

Howdy, Internet! After my streak of critically acclaimed, New York Times bestseller blogs, I found myself devoid of the creativity, the drive, the spark that usually inspires me to such heights of blogging genius.

"A riveting tale of a young man struggling to find his way. MUST READ." - The New York Times

At the beginning of this year, as described in a previous article about cows, I accidentally joined Vandy Red Cross, a student organization semi-affiliated with the American Red Cross. Last year, I gave blood a few times during the school year at blood drives at the Student Center, but it never occurred to me that volunteering alongside the Red Cross medical personnel were classmates of mine! This year I’ve volunteered at two blood drives through VRC, the most recent of which took place this Monday and Tuesday. I talked to a lot of people at sign-in on the first day, and ended up standing with and talking to a senior (soon to be graduate) attempting to overcome her fear of needles! You go, girl.

The next morning, I was the first appointment of the day, so I got in and donated my internal working fluids before class – always fun. While I was doing it, reader, I thought of you:

That's so flippin cool I don't even know how to caption.

This article isn’t really about me donating blood, though – it’s about 1) a great opportunity I’ve had as part of a student group I’m getting more involved in, and 2) encouraging you to look into giving blood! A staggeringly low 8% of eligible American adults give blood each year, which is a pretty big problem when most facilities struggle to maintain even a three-day supply of blood for just routine blood transfusions. If you’re 17 or older and in good health, consider donating – It doesn’t take long, and a single donation can be a lifesaver to someone (as well as being a great chance to overcome your fear of needles forever).

Also a good way to show that you're a caring (and fearless) soul.

Also you’ll get a sweet ninja arm-band. But really, GIVE BLOOD.

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