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‘radnor lake’

Exploring the Outdoors in Nashville

Jan. 12, 2020—What if I told you that Vanderbilt is actually a great school for people who love the outdoors? When I told my roommate that, he shot back, “The only outdoorsmen here are the people who live in Blakemore and schedule their first class on Commons just so they can have a daily morning hike.” It’s...

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Sister, Sister

Apr. 9, 2015—Two weeks ago my sister came to visit! She is a sophomore in high school and has started looking at colleges, so I had a chance to show her around Vanderbilt and, of course, check out more Nashville restaurants.

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An Afternoon Hike

Sep. 28, 2013—Vandy has been covered in parents this weekend because it's Parents Weekend! This is the first Parent's Weekend that my parents haven't come, so instead I get to be adopted by my friends' parents and meet their families. Saturday afternoon, I went on a hike with my roommate Jodi, her mother, and one of our suitemates, Kelsey.

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