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Sister, Sister

Posted by on Thursday, April 9, 2015 in Admissions, College Life, Family, Student Life.

Two weeks ago my sister came to visit! She is a sophomore in high school and has started looking at colleges, so I had a chance to show her around Vanderbilt and, of course, check out more Nashville restaurants.

My sister, Natalie, flew in Thursday morning just in time for the usual prospective student information session and campus tour. During the information session service portion, she texted me a picture they used of me painting walls on ASB! For lunch we ate at Rand, the major dining hall on main campus. As a senior, Rand has lost some of its appeal because I’ve eaten there so many times, but my sister was in awe of all the food options.

My mouth is still watering.

That night we went to a new burger place in Nashville called Flip Burger. They have sweet potato tots with marshmallow topping as a side, so needless to say, I was in culinary heaven. I also enjoyed showing my sister of one of my favorite parts about Nashville, all the delicious and trendy restaurants!

For brunch on Friday, Natalie and I, along with my friends Maddie and Taylor, went to another new restaurant in Nashville (this city is growing so much!!) called Biscuit Love. Located in the Gulch, the restaurant started out as a food truck that was so popular they decided to start a sit down restaurant. It was biscuits and jams galore at the table and we all left happily stuffed. That afternoon we checked out Centennial Park, located just across the street from my Towers suite, and the bookstore where she stocked up on Vandy gear.

The only adjective for this was goozy!

Friday night, there was a Tongue ‘n Cheek show, which is Vandy’s comedy troupe. They are hilarious and my friend Julia joined this year, so I love going to support her and laugh a ton. Natalie loved it and afterward we ended the night with a new dessert bar, Goozy. Yes, you heard correct. A restaurant. For dessert. I ordered a chocolate skillet cookie with vanilla gelato and Nutella drizzle and my sister ordered a maple bacon sundae. It doesn’t get better than that.

Saturday morning we had brunch at Frothy Monkey. From there, we went hiking at Radnor Lake. While the weather was a bit chilly, it was great to get off campus and enjoy the outdoors. With mere weeks (eek!) left at Vanderbilt, I’ve tried to soak up as much of Nashville as I can. Saturday night I had my sorority’s formal, so Natalie came along to dinner and dressed up with us.

Natalie and I before formal looking fancy!

I loved having my sister in town and showing her the school that I’ve loved for the past four years. Between all the food and tours, she fell in love with Vanderbilt, as she told me it was definitely her top choice- which made me so happy! #VU2021, anyone?

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