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Volunteering at Vanderbilt

Apr. 18, 2019—Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to talk (write?) a little about the amazing volunteer opportunities I’ve taken advantage of here at Vanderbilt. As prospective students, I’m sure y’all have had a ton of volunteer experience in high school and want to try to incorporate that into your college lifestyle. I know that I sure did!...

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Mayfield Madness!

Apr. 27, 2012—What joy comes from control of your housing situation! Plus, ya know, living with nine of your best friends and focusing on a project you all really care about, right?

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Feb. 26, 2012—Near the end of last year, as sophomore year housing was becoming an issue, I was offered a spot in a VIP (Vanderbilt Interest Project) by a friend of mine from ROTC. The VIP’s are a somewhat diluted version of the Mayfield Projects, with less group commitment in exchange for guaranteed housing in a less...

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