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Posted by on Sunday, February 26, 2012 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Housing, Nature, Student Life.

Near the end of last year, as sophomore year housing was becoming an issue, I was offered a spot in a VIP (Vanderbilt Interest Project) by a friend of mine from ROTC. The VIP’s are a somewhat diluted version of the Mayfield Projects, with less group commitment in exchange for guaranteed housing in a less desirable location than the exclusive 10-person Mayfields: Vanderbilt/Barnard Hall, which houses predominantly sophomores near Alumni Lawn.

In the fall, when things were living.

A few weeks ago, the VIP Showcase invaded the Commons Center, as each of the 8(?) VIP groups set up a presentation and poster in order to advertise the VIP’s to next year’s sophomore class. Outdores (my group) ended up winning the “best activity” award for our fishing game. While we definitely deserved every prize for our group’s charisma and ability to skew facts about our events (Confucius spoke at one), a single award would have to do.

Teaching is really a passion we all share.

After the presentation, we brought our award-winning board to one of the ten first-year student houses on the Commons, where we placed it prominently to catch the eyes of the impressionable youth living therein.

From left to right: Not me, not me, not me, and still not me.

To bring this article full circle and speak to the “I’m applying/applied to Vanderbilt” demographic – This is just one of the many fun and fulfilling living options for younger students here. Feel free to explore more possibilities RIGHT HERE.

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