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Why Vanderbilt: Transfer Students (Part II)

Jan. 29, 2020—Happy Chinese New Year! Two more transfer students took their precious time to share their “Why Vanderbilt” answers with us. They discuss academics and campus atmosphere. One touches upon sustainability efforts this academic year. Enjoy! I. A Junior’s Response Majors:Child Studies and Psychology Hometown: Shanghai, China Intended Career: Bilingual teacher “I transferred to Vandy when...

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Building Skills Outside Your Academic Comfort Zone

Jul. 17, 2017—Have you ever wondered how English majors are such great writers, how Chemistry majors understand all those reactions, or how Human & Organizational Development majors all seem to be able to ace any presentation? As a neuroscience major, I have always been insanely impressed by my friends who are majoring in the humanities. My best...

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Oh My Finals Week!

Dec. 9, 2013—So here's a shocking and controversial statement: Finals Week is pretty cool!

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3W’s, Kendrick Lamar, Gatlinburg and Getting Paid

Dec. 8, 2013—Third time’s a charm, or so they say, and in the case of my third semester at Vandy, ‘they’ couldn’t be more right.

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A Hike Through Humanities

Jan. 15, 2013—Readers, I am afloat on a sea of weirdness. I am taking a break from “homework” to write this blog, and my confusion stems from the nature of this work. I’m…reading a book. Just reading it. Not taking notes on the equations or reading a chapter in preparation for a problem set, just reading it...

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Feelin’ Accomplished

Dec. 12, 2011—As of yesterday, I am officially done with my political science class (and political science in general. phew.) and my french class for this semester.

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