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Vandy’s Got Talent

Dec. 18, 2014—So in case you haven’t heard yet, Vanderbilt is home to students with UNBOUNDED TALENT. One incredible thing about our students is the amount of performing arts talent they have. Not trying to brag or anything, but we are home to the first collegiate a cappella group to EVER win NBC’s Sing Off as of...

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The Art of Patronage

Sep. 26, 2013—“For some of us it is performance, for others, patronage. They are two sides of the same coin…” For the past seven years, I’ve been a spectator. An audience member. A patron. Sure, I had my share of elementary school Christmas plays and summer camp skits, but acting never grabbed me. What grabbed me was...

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Mar. 2, 2013—This past week has been a crazy mess of midterms, lack of sleep, and caffeine. That’s why my roommates and I decided to end it on a glorious note. Tomorrow I’m driving them to the airport at 6am, but tonight we went to go see Tennessee Reparatory Theatre’s production of Cabaret...

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Music Making

Nov. 22, 2012—This post coming to you fresh from the Yeh kitchen, as Mr. Turkey makes friends with his neighbors Butternut Squash, Carrot, and Potatoes in the Oven. Today I was practicing again. Such is the life. Anyways, I had the strangest feeling: the realization of the complete disconnect among the fingers of my left hand, which tapped the wire strings against the neck of my cello, and my right arm swinging back and forth like a pendulum- right, left, right left- and the noise which was just coming out of the wood. It was so bizarre.

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Fall is here!

Oct. 9, 2012—As I’m sure many of you know, this past weekend was Vandy’s fall break. And it definitely ushered in the frigid fall weather that we’re all now experiencing...

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Café con Leche

Apr. 2, 2012—Café con Leche was a high-energy Latin Dance showcase that I attended last weekend simply to support my roommate, but I was pleasantly surprised by fancy lifts, sparkly costumes, and a giant Mexican skirt that a small person could hide under!

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