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‘Percy Priest’

Exploring the Outdoors in Nashville

Jan. 12, 2020—What if I told you that Vanderbilt is actually a great school for people who love the outdoors? When I told my roommate that, he shot back, “The only outdoorsmen here are the people who live in Blakemore and schedule their first class on Commons just so they can have a daily morning hike.” It’s...

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Vanderbilt Parents’ Weekend

Sep. 24, 2019—The words “parent” and “college student” do not seem to have anything in common. One is responsible and one is broke. One gets sleep and one gets none. One vacuums and one rarely even makes the bed. However, Vanderbilt Parents’ Weekend is one of the most fun weekends of the year. It turns out, parents...

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A Night in the Wild

Oct. 8, 2014—Over the weekend, I got together with 7 other guys and we went camping in Tennessee’s very own Percy Priest Lake. We knew we wanted to go camping. Then one of us mentioned a spot that he had gone once where there was both cliff jumping and canoeing involved. We were immediately sold. Fast forward...

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Alpha Chi Sisterhood Retreat

Sep. 22, 2013—Last weekend I went to Alpha Chi's annual sisterhood retreat- yay for sisterhood bonding! The retreat was held at a YMCA camp on the outskirts of Nashville.

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A Nashville Summer…

Jul. 21, 2010—At the end of the semester one of the older girls in my sorority who was graduating sent out an e-mail to all of the younger girls, giving us a list of things that we should make sure to do before we graduate. Among the urgings of not sweating the small stuff and making sure...

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