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Course Highlight: Beginning Nonfiction Workshop

May. 24, 2019—It does not matter where you are from or what you have experienced, you have stories that are worth sharing. Even when you feel like the person next to you is entirely different from you, you can still feel something they have. I learned these two things in ENGL 1240 with Professor Piyali Bhattacharya. The...

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Memoirs or How I Learned to Write About Other People

Dec. 16, 2013—This semester I had the pleasure of taking an intermediate nonfiction workshop with Sandy Solomon. Centered on memoir- and profile-writing, we became acquainted with the craft of “writing about other people.” I have had my fair share of journaling enterprises, but they all came to sad untimely demises a few entries after their inception. This...

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Melo Cyrus

Dec. 6, 2013—Perhaps even more daunting than the prospect of imminent papers and finals was The Melodores‘ annual winter concert. The couple of weeks leading up to (even Thanksgiving break, to an extent) had been rather taxing, to be honest, and juggling rehearsals and classes was becoming increasingly difficult. I was also, however, incredibly excited. Our practices...

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Catch-Up with Nathan (and Victoria): Chapter V

Nov. 29, 2012—This, the fifth installment of the Catch-Up Chronicles, is dedicated to my blogging counterpart, Victoria. May she ever attempt to be my equal. So, as many of you may know, I have a blog. I’ve been writing for Inside ‘Dores for almost two years, and it’s proven to be a great experience – I’m able...

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Summer Reading Bonanza

Aug. 4, 2012—Since summer has leached away my ability to accomplish tasks in a prompt or timely manner (I DON’T REGRET IT), my early summer idea to post a list of the books I read over break was snapped up by fellow blogger Victoria “Shakespeare” Barner. Undeterred, however, I’m pressing on for your sake, readers.

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