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The Waiting Game

Jul. 19, 2013—The waiting game is my least favorite game. But, sometimes, it is a game I am forced to play. This time around, I am waiting for secondary applications from medical schools. After I receive and submit those, my work will be subject to another round of screening before I hopefully receive invitations to interview. Here, I share with you how I have been passing the time.

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The Freshmen Pre-Med Guide

Jun. 11, 2013—Are you about to enter Freshman year at Vanderbilt? Do you have plans of entering Medical School? I'm here to give you some tips and pointers as you begin your journey.

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Vacation All I Ever Wanted

May. 3, 2013—I've been on summer break for about two days now, and what a two days they have been.

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Pre-Med Interview

Apr. 25, 2013—I feel like I just had my first medical school interview and survived! Even though I’m on a junior (and haven’t even applied to med school yet), the Health Professions Advisory Office requires an interview in order to write students a letter of recommendation, and I just completed mine!

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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Apr. 6, 2013—Last Thursday, I took the MCAT and amazingly didn’t have any breakdowns or major freakouts because my friends have been especially awesome these last few weeks.

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Pre Med? Vanderbilt is the Answer

Apr. 3, 2013—If medical school is part of the plan, Vanderbilt should also be part of your plan. Why? Read on.

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