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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Posted by on Saturday, April 6, 2013 in General Information, Student Life.

We got a free snow globe in Rand on Valentine's Day!

Last Thursday, I took the MCAT and amazingly didn’t have any breakdowns or major freakouts because my friends have been especially awesome these last few weeks.

Studying for the MCAT while keeping up with my normal courses was definitely challenging, so about a week ago, my friend Deanna created the perfect pick-me-up (thanks to Pinterest). She took an old pill box and stored chocolate in the “AM” boxes and an inspirational/funny quote (along with pictures of hot celebrities) in the “PM” boxes. I seriously enjoyed rewarding myself after doing MCAT prep thanks to her.

The basket, card, and pill box
Deanna and I will room together in the big double of a Towers Suite!

Not to mention Deanna let me borrow her car to drive to the test, even though she’s normally really cautious with it and her parents don’t allow anyone else to drive it (hopefully they don’t read this…). It was so convenient basically having my own car so I could stop by Chick-fil-a (brain food) at 6:30am and make it to the test center by 7am.

After I finished the exam and checked my phone for the first time in hours, I had so many sweet and encouraging texts from all my friends when they woke up (ranging from 7:30 to 11am). They knew how nervous I had been and remembered how important that day was for me. When I got back to campus, my besties Deanna and Grace gave me a congratulatory basket (see above). It was full of chocolate, peeps (my favorite!), and Starbucks espresso shots. Grace had even created a celebratory card based on one of our favorite shows, Burning Love (it’s actually a miniseries on Yahoo, but it is hilarious and makes fun of the Bachelor/Bachelorette).

Grace and me before AOII formal
Supporting Jason for his Junior Trombone Recital at Blair

My friends have been so supportive, especially at a time when I’ve been so crazy and stressed. I don’t think I would have been as calm and prepared for the MCAT if I didn’t have them, which brings me to the point of this blog: You will find the best friends of your life at Vanderbilt. I literally have a running list of who I want to be my bridesmaids one day, and I have another list of all the Med Schools my friends are applying to, so we will hopefully overlap. Tonight, I went to Zumi Sushi for dinner with Deanna and Grace, neither of whom actually like sushi. Its friends like these that make me so thankful I chose Vandy three years ago.

Grace and me at Pfunky Griddle with Deanna and her parents

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