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‘meal money’

New Year, New Food!

Sep. 12, 2019—As always, every year Vandy puts new restaurants “on the Card” (the Commodore Card), which always makes returning to school a little more exciting. However, over the summer and over my first few weeks back on campus, I have discovered some new, amazing restaurants both on and off “the Card!” Here are a few of...

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Food Options After 12am

Dec. 17, 2015—If you like staying up late like I do, don't worry... you can find food.

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Taking on a Challenge: Vegetarian Week

Dec. 13, 2012—This past week, I took a challenge from a friend to be vegetarian for the week.

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A Night at the Symphony

Sep. 21, 2012—Last night I enjoyed a performance by the Nashville Symphony, thanks to SoundCheck, a program offered by the symphony center where college students can get tickets for $10.

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