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My Junior Year Living Experience

Sep. 23, 2019—“I have 9 roommates, 5 of which are guys.” Most students at other campuses are very surprised to hear the statement above but at Vanderbilt, this is a unique living option for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I live in a Mayfield, which is a small lodge with 2 floors, 1 kitchen, and a common space....

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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Dec. 9, 2018—Dorm room shopping is one of the most memorable and exciting parts of starting your college journey; everyone remembers their first dorm room and all the fun they had shopping for just the right things to put in it.  Having the opportunity to decorate a space that is (almost) all your own is a big...

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The Dorm Life

Aug. 27, 2013—This year, I upgraded. Just like the Tennessee Titans upgraded their offensive line (Super Bowl here we come), I got to upgrade my dorm experience. I moved from a “Harry-Potter-Under-The-Stairs” single to a big and fancy four person suite aka prime real estate. For the rest of the year, I will be living in Morgan...

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A Walk Through Brevard

Aug. 5, 2013—Hello! It’s the last day of Brevard, and I thought I might take a walk with you down the main road, Andante Lane, and reminisce a little, because yes indeed the weeks at Brevard have just flown by and it's just a week 'til I return home to Nashville!

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They don’t clean my bathroom anymore?

Feb. 9, 2011—Throughout my Vanderbilt career I have truly had some great luck in my housing! Freshman year I lived in Branscomb, (Yes, I am that OLD that I never lived on the Commons). Branscomb is the dorm that is right beside Greek row, has a Munchie Mart in the bottom, a great study lounge, and a...

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