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Last set of classes of undergrad!

Jan. 8, 2020—I’ll be honest, it was actually kind of difficult finalizing which classes I would take this semester. I finished all of my requirements, so I had a lot of freedom in deciding what to take. The hardest part was narrowing them down to fit 12 credit hours. All the classes I’ll be in this semester...

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A Versatile Engineer: Yufei Yan

Feb. 14, 2019—As a student of College of Arts and Science, I was curious about student experience in School of Engineering. Therefore, I interviewed my friend Yufei, who would spend the spring semester interning at Facebook. Part I. “I am” Name: Yufei Yan Year: 2020 Hometown: Nanjing, China Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics Extracurriculars: Lunar New Year Festival...

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Melo Cyrus

Dec. 6, 2013—Perhaps even more daunting than the prospect of imminent papers and finals was The Melodores‘ annual winter concert. The couple of weeks leading up to (even Thanksgiving break, to an extent) had been rather taxing, to be honest, and juggling rehearsals and classes was becoming increasingly difficult. I was also, however, incredibly excited. Our practices...

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Exploring House Community through Books

Sep. 17, 2013—From Cloud Atlas to Frankenstein: first-year residents of Memorial share what books have to say about us individually and as a House community.

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Catch-Up with Nathan (and Victoria): Chapter V

Nov. 29, 2012—This, the fifth installment of the Catch-Up Chronicles, is dedicated to my blogging counterpart, Victoria. May she ever attempt to be my equal. So, as many of you may know, I have a blog. I’ve been writing for Inside ‘Dores for almost two years, and it’s proven to be a great experience – I’m able...

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Summer Reading Bonanza

Aug. 4, 2012—Since summer has leached away my ability to accomplish tasks in a prompt or timely manner (I DON’T REGRET IT), my early summer idea to post a list of the books I read over break was snapped up by fellow blogger Victoria “Shakespeare” Barner. Undeterred, however, I’m pressing on for your sake, readers.

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