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‘Law School’

Choirs and Culture

Mar. 19, 2016—Some weekends are more involved than others, but this one? Singing, pancakes, enormous essays, and throngs of prospective students? Oh Vanderbilt, I never tire of what you send my way.

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My Craziest Week Yet

Oct. 6, 2013—Last week was possibly the craziest of my time at Vanderbilt. After months of preparing for the LSAT appendicitis tried to get in my way of taking the test, but there was no way I was letting an organ the size of a finger stop me!

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From Music City to the Big Apple

Oct. 2, 2012—This summer I spent my time commuting and working in New York City!

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Vanderbilt 2017

Mar. 25, 2011—This Wednesday I formally accepted the Vanderbilt Law and Economics PhD/JD Program offer.  This program is 6 years, so I’ll be a Vanderbilt 2017 graduate!  I think it’s appropriate now to post some snippets from my personal statement (for law) and economics (statements of purpose).  (You may not recall but I applied to law schools...

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