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Being Undecided in College

Apr. 27, 2019—Coming into college, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I had spent countless afternoons reading through Vanderbilt’s list of majors and I felt uninspired by most. I didn’t feel the burning passion that many people around me felt when they talked about what they’d be majoring in. Obviously, this made me...

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Studying Abroad As a Pre-Med Student

Jul. 18, 2018—In my senior year of high school, there were so many factors that I considered in my search for the perfect college: acceptance rate, tuition, location, etc. On that list of things was the quality of the university’s study abroad program. I had known for a long time that I wanted to study abroad in...

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If I Could Do It Again…

May. 3, 2014—Reflecting on my past three years at Vanderbilt (I’m a senior now!), this past year has definitely been the best yet.

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Pre-Med Interview

Apr. 25, 2013—I feel like I just had my first medical school interview and survived! Even though I’m on a junior (and haven’t even applied to med school yet), the Health Professions Advisory Office requires an interview in order to write students a letter of recommendation, and I just completed mine!

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Taking a Week Off

Mar. 6, 2013—Since Monday, Vanderbilt has been on Spring Break and I have been using my week as a way to take some time off school and prepare for the second leg of my Spring Semester. During Spring Break, most Vanderbilt students will go off to the beach or go on Alternative Spring Break. I chose to...

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